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The legacy of "Grandmother"--Tyler Perry's Great Contribution

posted May 10, 2011 18:45:12 by ChrisGreen
What does the wording of Grandmother mean to you? What it means to me is the soul embodiment of what a woman is suppose to be. My grandmother is a woman who was devoted to one man her whole life. She embodies the perfect form of being a servant of GOD. She is the strength of a family, she keeps the family strong after the grandfather goes home with GOD. When she speaks, everyone listens because you know you will get nothing but powerful substance from her. This is why Tyler Perry plays Madea. He understands the cultural importance of the grandmother in the family. While too many people simply see his Madea character as the angry black woman preaching black women to be rebellious, when you look deeper and outside of the box (and if you know your black history), you come to realize that his character is sending the message to black people to go back to listening to the people that matter most, the family, ecspecially the wise grandmother.

I didn't come to this realization about the grandmother on my own; nor the outside of the box thinking about Tyler Perry's character. I learned it from a wonderful, very intelligent, older interracial woman.

Ms. Vivian Thompson responded to one of my blogs that Gyan will be publishing later on today on this site. It really hit me to the soul with respect and admiration. It is my honor to share what she said to you guys.

" Good morning!
First and foremost, I will chime in to say that I agree, It is indeed an interesting article. I will not comment on the entire post, just bits of it. :). To average African American's, the maternal mentors are not the mother,... father, aunt, uncle, brother, sister. It is the grandmother. She is identified through her wisdom, protection, spirituality and strength. It is what has held this culture together for centuries!. I admire Tyler Perry (a genius) for the work that he does in keeping the "grandmother" alive through his character Madea. The message that he delivers to individuals who's eyes are not wide shut is... REMEMBER."
" Thank you Mr. Green :). As a biracial female (mother is white and native american, father is black). I am blessed that I have been able to see the world in vivid colors. One more thing about the "Grandmother". In the Native American culur...e, the grandmother is identified the same way as African American grandmother, with all of the same attributes and gifts. To demonstrate how we have slide back, now-a-days, we call her terms like "nana, granny, grandma, etc. In my opinion, these terms depletes her character and what she really stands for. Can you see the "power" in the word "Grandmother" opposed to "grandma"? Say it out loud.. "Hello Grandmother" or "How are you Grandmother" and then say "Hey Granny" or" Hey Grandma' see the difference? She how much progress we have not made? LOL"

So why is it that too many of our black youth today have decided to sway from the roots and honor of the grandmother? Why? Why is it that people tend to only respect and honor her on holidays and family reunions, but then practice OUT OF SIGHT OUT OF MIND? We have to do better. I am not perfect, but I live my life based on what my family installed into me from the day I was born. The majority of it was from my grandmother, she passed it to mom and mom passed to me. How do you honor your grandmother? Recall all of your actions within this year so far, ask yourself--does your actions honor your grandmother and the legacy she has worked hard to leave for you? I made plenty of mistakes this year, but I recall my grandmothers beliefs, you have to forgive yourself and GOD will forgive you, and you pay it back by becoming a stronger person. I do indeed love mine, what about you???
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