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Will We In The United States Ever Reach The Point Where We Are All Just Americans?

posted Mar 08, 2011 18:13:33 by Grandposts-Admin
The United States is still a young country compared to the rest of the world made up of people from very different backgrounds and religions that have not managed to live together in harmony. Will we ever get past the fact that we are different but still Americans?
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ChrisGreen said May 05, 2011 15:16:45
The basic answer for right now is NO.

No because, we still have thousands of people who simply continue to live in a mindset of social reality; which convinces them that anyone who is different from them whether race, gender, or ecspecially social class, is automatically going to be viewed as stigmatized and subjected to prejudice and discrimination.

Prejudice and Discrimination is what fuels differences in the first place. Once Americans can get past this wall, I think it will be possible then to be viewed as "ALL AMERICANS".

The solution is the parents. As long as parents continue to brace their children in the primary socialization of believing that different is unwanted or unequal, prejudice and discrimination will live forever.

Hell, we have different forms of Christians that argue with each just because the title and rituals are different. Sad. If we are all Christians worshipping the same GOD, it shouldn't matter. But guess what, simply because different Christian groups embrace different status symbols, role expectations, and role performances is enough to feel different is unequal.

Let's remember this country's history. Very difficult to suggest to alot of people the need to live in harmony when this country's origin and social progression towards order and stability was grounded on treating people whom were different mean, evil, cruel, and forcing them off their GOD-giving land (Native Americans).

Now is there hope for the future? Yes, it comes again from the parents. If we have any chance of finally getting past race, sex, and social class differences; it's up to us to teach the children.
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